Unofficial WhiskeyCon


Date: Friday, 11 August 2023

Time: 19:00 

Location: Las Vegas, Nevada - location to be shared with attendees

Presented by Dr. Tran (@doctor_tran) and oioioooiii (@oioioooiii)

Current Line Up

How to Sign Up

Email whiskey [at] 1337haxor [dot] com to be added to the mailing list for the final location. 

Let us know if you'll be bringing a bottle or if you'll just be partaking. 

If you are bringing something, please note what it will be (if you know) so it can be added to the line up (note if you want to be anonymous). 

Attendance will be capped due to location size. 


What is this? 

Enjoy whiskey with fellow hackers at Defcon! 

Do I have to bring whiskey? 

No. Feel free to bring snacks if you'd like. 

What if I am new to whiskey? 

N00bs are welcomed! There will be a few whiskey nerds there so feel free to ask questions. The group will be friendly and is happy to share. Be polite and ask for a pour as  some bottles may be very expensive and come out of someone's personal collection

Can I come if I don't like whiskey?

You are also welcomed! There may be a cocktail station setup so there will be options for the non-whiskey drinkers. 

Will there be cigars too?

Feel free to bring cigars, but depending on the final location, smoking may not be possible. Dr. Tran will be bringing some Cubans to share.

What is appropriate behavior?

As part of the Defcon community, we align to their Code of Conduct. In addition,  inebriated behavior is not acceptable  as this is about sampling a wide variety of spirits and not getting drunk